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Where to shop in Cusco?

In Cusco, you can find many places to shop from modern handicrafts inspired in pre-Columbian Andean art, woolens, textiles, pottery, jewelry, art and that perfectly souvenir. 

In Cusco city is recommended to visit San Blas's neighborhood, in which numerous artists and artisans live. In San Blas the artisans like the Mendívil, Olave and Merida families have reached the international fame for the quality of their works.

In the main hotels and around the Main Square, you can find finest stores of silver and gold jewels and delicate and finest alpaca's weaves.

A good opportunity to buy beautiful crafts and to take contact with the native artisans is on Sunday where fairs are organized. Outstanding the ones celebrated in
Pisac and Chinchero.

Art & Crafts:

  • Centro Artesanal Cusco - Craft Market: Corner of Avenida El Sol and Tullumayo
  • San Blas Art Market: San Blas neighborhood. Opening hours: Sat. 9 am – 6 pm
  • Maky Artesanias: Carmen Alto N° 101, San Blas
  • Taller Olave: Plaza San Blas N° 651
  • Camero Family: Palacio Nº 122 (Cuesta San Blas down to the Plaza de Armas)
  • Arte Peru: Portal Confituria Nº 295,
  • Galeria Latina Cusco: Plazoleta Nazarenas Nº 221
  • Alpaca Andean Souvenirs: Palacio Nº 135 Centro Histórico
  • Artesanías Yanque: Portal Comercio Nº 181
  • Souvenirs Juanita: Plaza de Armas Nº 141 int. 1 Portal Comercio
  • Pisaq People’s Market: District of Pisaq. Opening hours: Sun., Tues., and Thurs. 8am. – 6pm
  • Chincheros Market: District of Chincheros. Opening hours: Sun., Tues., and Thurs. 8am – 6pm.

Many guesthouses, cafés and pubs have book exchanges. You can find book stores around Main Square with books of Peruvian themes as art, nature & biodiversity, photography, etc.

  • Jerusalén: Heladeros N° 143
  • Los Andes Bookshp: Portal Comercio N° 125

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